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Missing Poster

Missing Poster

$42,000 Reward

Springfield Police Department Headquarters
321 E. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802-3899

417-869-TIPS (8477) - CRIME STOPPERS
417-864-1810 - SPD 24-hour voice line
417-864-1713 - SPD 24-hour fax

Recent posts

Streeter Family Statement - 3.20.19

In 1992, two women were stolen from our lives.  We have struggled for over 26 years with the public's perception of what happened to them and how to mourn them in our personal lives. Recently, it has been publicized that Bartt Streeter, son of Sherrill and brother of Suzie, was arrested on unrelated charges. Bartt has had a long history with alcohol abuse and has spoken publicly on this matter in the past. It is evident in the video that he, at no time, tried to forcibly remove anyone from the establishment. The charges were exaggerated, as is plainly evident in the video. Bartt's Interaction:  Just inside the door of the establishment, was with an adult. He shook this adult's hand and spoke only with the adult. Once finished with the conversation, Bartt stood, pointed, and asked the person if that was their granddaughter. Bartt's Lyft was arriving, and he left the establishment on his own and unaccompanied. It is unsure how the story got so corrupted when it w