Why does this site exist?
This is a three-part answer.

Over the last 24 years there have been multiple news sites that have been taken down, links corrupted, sites mismanaged – it is our goal to have all content and information posted here so it can be looked at – even if a site goes down.

There are also a lot of rumors that circulate, these rumors are based off opinions and judgements and have no fact. It is our job, as the family members of Sherrill and Suzie, to share the public information so more people can be held accountable, but also to defend the memories of our loved ones against baseless and hurtful rumors.

The newest addition to this site has been as a way for us to reflect on these years of mourning.

Is the public information you share correct and considered a fact?
The only fact about the public information is that it has been shared publicly. To be clearer – some of these articles from news stations have gotten important and basic facts wrong – names, birth dates, date of disappearance. Public appearances and press releases from the Springfield Police Department have, at times, been misleading, judgmental, and full of false hope.
Who oversees this site?
This site was created by Bartt Streeter and since 2013 has been maintained by his daughter, Dee Streeter.
Have they dug at the Hospital?
The detectives have not dug the garage at the Hospital.
Why have the police not done the dig at the parking garage?
They haven’t publicly answered this question, nor have they privately. Contact them directly for their answer.
Are there any updates on this case?
Any updates are shared on this site. After more than 24 years, we do not hear from the detectives very often, if at all.
Have they been found?
When they are found, we will make sure to update this site to reflect that. At this time – they have not been found.
Do I have your family’s permission to write a book, make a movie, use photos posted here about this case?
The information accumulated here is information that has been shared publicly. However, it is in no way meant to represent individual opinions of members of our family, and should not be interpreted as such. No permission to speak for or claim authorization from the members of the Streeter/Levitt family has been given.   
Who should I contact if I have a theory or have new knowledge about the case?
For all communication about the location of Sherrill, Suzie, or Stacy please share your information directly with the Springfield Police Department.  We recommend you are persistent – as communication – is not their best strength.
Would a member of the Streeter Family be interested in doing an interview?
This is decided on a case by case basis, and we are very, very fastidious in our decision process.
Why doesn’t your family do more press?
This answer has many parts – we will not go into all of them. What we will say is there is a process that determines if and when we will speak publicly – and – for many years we weren’t asked.
I saw ______ in a post, comment, or page is it true?
Very little information that has been passed around in comments, posts, and pages is true.  
Who are the suspects?
There is a page for persons of interest on this site.
Does (name of specific suspect) have anything to do with it?
We do not know. No suspect has been charged. No detective has spoken to us. We do not know who did this.